For conventional (or “bank” financing) we use many different lenders in order to find our customers the best financing rates possible. Some are local credit unions (Graco, Gratiot Community, Michigan One, Wanigas, Members First, ICCU, Preferred Credit Union) some are Local or National banks (Chemical Bank, Gateway One), or we will work with a lending institution of your choice. Rates are dependent on your credit history, but we will give you the best possible rate we can get. We are very competitive with these lenders, offering outstanding rates and terms!

If you are with troubled credit history, we also have buy here/pay here or in-house financing available. This requires you to have substantial money down, a decent story, and some sort of stable adequate income. Miller Auto Sales holds the note on this type of financing. These are handled case by case, we typically want 25% down and the interest rate is 22.99%. Sometimes we require more, sometimes we require less, but you need a good story and a good plan of repayment. We may use your credit history and references to determine what we are going to extend you. This is the “Everyone is approved” type of financing, but you just may need a ton of cash down, depending on your history. You only pay interest on the outstanding balance, so the faster you pay it off, the less interest you pay. We typically only lend to people in our area for this type of purchase. Most contracts are 24 months. Most of the under $6000 inventory is not online, so stop by and visit the inventory by the A-Frame sign at the east end of the Miller Auto Sales lot. These cars are all satisfied, checked over, serviced and repaired, and are actually in pretty decent condition!

For your convenience we have included a credit application on this site, feel free to complete it and print a copy before stopping in to expedite your new purchase. You may also fax an application to us at (989) 681-5016. Please do not include a driver’s license number or a social security number on it if you fax us – call us and let us fill it in to ensure your data security.