About Us

Miller Auto Sales, is in its 4th generation of ownership. We are a non-franchised late-model used car dealership, and have been around since 1938. We carry all makes and models to better serve the Central Michigan (Alma, St. Louis, Mt. Pleasant, Shepherd, Weidman, Midland, Bay City, Lansing, Clare, Harrison, St. Johns, Gratiot County, Isabella County, Montcalm County) and surrounding areas with quality vehicles. We strive to have our vehicles in as good as possible mechanical condition before selling them so that you don’t have to head out and spend money on service items. We have 3 highly trained technicians on our staff that prepare our vehicles for resale. They undergo a complete inspection, and anything we see that needs attention gets it. No magic tricks or band-aids.


Most of our inventory consists of late-model great condition and great mileage vehicles, many with a balance of factory warranty remaining. All vehicles have clean titles unless otherwise very obviously noted. I car fax everything before purchase to ensure that it has a good history, as well as check visually for paintwork and prior damage. These are all cars I would be confident to drive myself. Car fax vehicle reports are available for all units in inventory. We will happily share them with you!

Please check out our inventory listings regularly to locate your next vehicle, or call one of our helpful sales representatives. We will work to find the exact car, truck, van, or sport utility you are looking for. Come drive cars to see what you like. We have a very diverse selection!

Please feel free to email us if you encounter any broken/incorrect links or discrepancies, or have any questions.

Thank You!
Steve Miller, Miller Auto Sales